Thursday 21 August 2014

Welcome Home Princess Leah

 I'm on my way home today from Nanny's where Dad has been helping out Grandpops
Mum's been staring at an empty bed all week.
I bet she's been bored with no pup to walk, feed, play wiv (or clean up after !)

But she's organised us a lovely welcome home dinner.
Shhhh though, as its a surprise for Dad

My table has been laid as well.
I wonder what lovely foodables will fall in to my bowl tonight !
So drive carefully Dad and we'll be seeing you soon Mum !!

Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah


  1. We hope you have a fangtastic celebratory dinner and then a big snuggle. Save all the chewing on leaves and stuff until tomorrow.

  2. Can't wait for one of those special Mum cuddles and a good chew of her necklace of course!

  3. Bet your Mum can't wait to snuggle you! Hasn't she made everything lovely for your homecoming? You and Dad are very spoilt, aye?

  4. Nothing like a wonderful welcome home dinner

  5. Absence Makes the HEART grow Fonder... and our mom's miss us like CRAZY... You will have a Wonderful Greeting when you get HOME... we just KNOW it, Leah.

  6. Ohhhh your mum set a beautiful table...I bet your kitchen is smelling yummy when you and Dad walk in the door.
    hugs madi your bfff

  7. Bet you are so excited. Remember small dainty bites at your dinner.
    Bet your mum is just as excited cos she has missed you.....
    Luv's your loving Auntie Freya Rose Blossom (miss) X

  8. Hope ya get some good foodables!