Wednesday 20 November 2019

Wordy Wednesday

I've been to Chatters-A-Way
Not to My Tower this time
 but to the Swiss Cottage
(More of that later)

Because I was there to see...
The Christmas Market,
The  Christmas Decorations

My WONDERFUL Furfriends
The #CavPack
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels like ME!

Have you ever seen soooo many Cavaliers??
(I'm second from the right at the back)
You can see all the FOUR colourways we come in!!!

The man in the 
Green Brussel Sprout Suit
Is my FurFriend Maxi's Dad
He wore this suit all day to raise money 
4 Paws up to Maxi's Dad for being such a good sport!

(If you want to make a donation or learn more click here)

It was a FUNS but exhausting day
I was happy to sleep the night away 
Under my new Christmas Blankie

I'm joining Comedy Plus for a 
Wordy Wordless Wednesday

Loves and Licky Kisses
Princess Leah