Friday 8 August 2014

All Bark and no Woof

Dad puts bark on the bonsai to stop them drying out. 

I thought we ought to do the sitting room floor as well.

Apparently it's not a good look.

Nor was the shredded letter

Or the shredded cardboard.

Just can't please some people.

Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx


  1. Your indoors looks a lot like ours! The bark chips are constantly brought inside, there's shredded paper AND now, cardboard. Maybe Leah and Dui are related.

    1. I think they must be, we recognised the Dui-nado from a few weeks ago, very similar results with a Leah-nado as it's now called.

  2. Everyone knows how bored they would be if you weren't around Princess Leah, best keep 'em on their toes.
    Luv's your Auntie Freya Rose Blossom, CAT FLAP CAVALIER X

  3. Hehehe got to love your cheekieness,xx Speedy

  4. Oh she was just redecorating... What a sweet girl!
    ps - we found you from Bella, Roxy & Dui
    Alyssa (the peep), Mr. Fox & Scruffy (the ones who own the peep)

  5. Crikey ...... nice to meet you Leah. Bella, Roxy and Dui sent me over for a visit. I think Dui's a bit sweet on you Leah. Can't say I blame him. You're quite a cutie!!
    A bit messy but cute all the same. Is your last name Da Vinci by any chance??
    Hope we can be friends ...... Hoo Roo!! Charlie.

  6. I think it looks better actually.

  7. Peeps just have no idea about decorating and never seem to appreciate our decorating skills, Now being 'new' to blogville you may not have heard of the mysterious "some doggie". He goes around visiting all our homes and we like to blame all naughty things on know 'some doggie did it but it wasn't us' - feel free to use the some doggie did it excuse :)

  8. Oh Leah....peeps are funnards...Bella Roxy and Dui said to pop over and say hi..and we think also Dui is sweet on you..just woofin...keep up the great redecorating...very classy BOL BOL paw pats Doc and gang :)

  9. Good to meet yu Leah!
    Wow, yu are a talented decorator there.

  10. Hi Leah it is I, Madi, (fyi: I'm a cat) but I have a ton of K9 friends. Your bud Dui sent me over. I think he is smitten with your lovely furs and your love of the out of doors.
    Hugs madi your new bfff

  11. Hi Leah... we see that you know DUI and his sisters... I (ERNIE) am his big sister ROXY's Boy Furend. It is good to meet you and we would like to WELCOME you to BLOGVILLE... BTW... MADI (who really is a cat) is MAYORESS of Blogville.
    We know how Confusing Peeps can be. They have SO many SILLY rules. Just ignore them... that's what the rest of us do. Just sayin.
    Now TOMORROW is the Beginning of Blogville's Safety week... There will be TONS of thingys to SEE and DO and Learn about... so be SURE to check out Dui's Blog... or OURS or Mayoress Madi's so you can jump on the links and Watch the PAWRADE and all the grrrreat stuffs... PLUS on SATURDAY there is gonna be a PICNIC and stuffs... YOU are WANTED and WELCOME to join in of EVERYTHINGY.

  12. Hey there Leah! hey I hear you are in loves with Dui...okays, maybe he just THINKS you're in loves with him...anyhu, i hears you likes the same things I like...eatin' plants, redecoratin', ya knows, the good things in life!
    Come on overs and visit my bloggie sometime! I make a mean margarita!! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  13. Hi Leah! We heard from Dui there was a new girl in town and we popped over to say HI!!!
    The PugRanch Kids
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  14. Dui sent us over. He said you were his girlfriend! We thought we better stop over and see if your intentions with our young furiend were honorable BOL!! Welcome to Blogville!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  15. Hi Leah, You sure are a cutie and full of the mischief. Your friend Dui sent us over to say hi!